Every one of us has his own goals, interests, priorities, and a life path. For most of the people their work is not just a livelihood. Its a part of their conscious life, where a person can express his assessment and abilities, create and implement useful ideas and be valuable for surrounding people and society.

BCT is a living constitution, and every part of this body interacts with each other having the same goals. All relations here are based on mutual understanding and professional approach to our work. Currently BCT employs 470 people. Its a great and friendly team, where overall success comes with a contribution of each member. High results and prestige of BCT are directly connected to the vision of company: we are taking into account interests of all parties where our partners, customers and staff get benefits and satisfaction.

Experienced personnel went through the most rigorous and necessary trainings in the industry and certificated by international organizations in below mentioned programs:

  • Safety Management System
  • Behavioral Safety Audit
  • Task Based Risk Assessment
  • DGR Management
  • DGR Handling
  • IATA DGR Regulations
  • Aviation Law
  • Station Ground Handling Management
  • Cargo Security (European Aviation Security Training Institute)
  • Driving Safety, etc.

Baku Cargo Terminal is among the major local employers in our country. With no intention to stop on the achieved, we are moving our company forward to the leadership on the market of the CIS and Europe air cargo terminals.

IATA Member   ACI