For Consignees


Cargo collection procedure

  1. When cargo is delivered to the BCT warehouse, our employee will contact you providing the consignment details, including:
    • Date of arrival
    • AWB number
    • Completion of shipment (partly or wholly arrival);
    • Number of pieces and weight of consignment;
    • Time and date when the shipment can be collected.
  2. Consignee should arrive to the BCT check point, and provide personal ID (or valid power of attorney) and AWB number. Our employees will give you the AWB and supporting documents.
  3. The consignee enters the warehouse area through the first entrance. Here he will be provided with signal vest.
  4. Depending on type of cargo, the consignee will undergo the formalities, such as:
    • Customs clearance on the 2nd floor of the office building inside the warehouse area;
    • Sanitary control on the 3rd floor of the office building inside the warehouse area (for live or perishable cargo).
  5. After completion of formalities and payment of duties, the consignee’s AWB will be stamped with all necessary stamps.
  6. Consignee should approach to the Customer Service Department on the 3rd floor of the terminal building and present the stamped AWB to the employee.
  7. Our employee will check the documents and issue the invoice which should be paid at the cash desk on the same floor.
  8. After invoice is paid, our employee will issue a pass receipt where gate number will be indicated.
  9. Consignee should approach to the indicated gate, provide his pass receipt and collect his cargo.
  10. In case if any irregularities are detected (damage or shortage of cargo), the warehouse employee will make an irregularity report which should be signed by both parties and then proceeded as per internal regulations.

See documents list for cargo collection.

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