"Baku Cargo Terminal"provides wide range of cargo handling services.
Professional approach, safety and quality – these are main factors of our success.

We offer the following services for regular and charter cargo flights:

  • Load Control
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • RAMP handling
  • Cargo Handling
  • Refueling

Wide range of additional services:

  • Warehouse handling of cargo
  • DGR handling
  • Cargo delivery
  • Deconsolidation
  • Mail handling
  • Cargo search and tracking
  • Handling and storage of special cargo (perishables, valuables etc)
  • Storage and handling of ULD
  • Information support and document handling
  • Damage report
  • Delivery receipt
  • DGR labeling and marking
  • DGR consulting
  • Photographing of cargo
  • AWB delivery
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