For Consignors


Cargo shipment procedure

  1. Shipper approaches to the customer services department on the 3rd floor of BCT building. He declares his intention to ship the cargo to the destination point.
  2. Our employee issues a SLI (Shipper’s Letter of Instruction), upon which the Shipper hands the cargo to the warehouse. The Shipper must fill in the following information: name and address of Shipper; name and address of consignee; type of cargo – SLI example
  3. Shipper hands his cargo to the storeman who weights and measures the cargo, puts this information into the SLI and stamps it.
  4. Shipper presents the filled and stamped SLI to the customer service department window. On the basis of this document our employee issues the AWB (Airway Bill) for the shipment.
  5. With this AWB Shipper can proceed with customs procedures.
  6. After the shipment is cleared by customs, the aviation security department located at the warehouse examines the cargo and puts the stamp on AWB.
  7. Warehouse employee validates the cargo acceptance by stamping the AWB.
  8. Shipper approaches the customer services department, where our employee checks the stamps on AWB and issues an invoice.
  9. Shipper pays the invoice at the cash desk on the 3rd floor.
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