For Consignors





"Baku Cargo Terminal"provides wide range of cargo handling services.
Professional approach, safety and quality these are main factors of our success.

We offer the following services for regular and charter cargo flights:

  • Load Control
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • RAMP handling
  • Cargo Handling
  • Refueling

Wide range of additional services:

  • Warehouse handling of cargo
  • DGR handling
  • Cargo delivery
  • Deconsolidation
  • Mail handling
  • Cargo search and tracking
  • Handling and storage of special cargo (perishables, valuables etc)
  • Storage and handling of ULD
  • Information support and document handling
  • Damage report
  • Delivery receipt
  • DGR labeling and marking
  • DGR consulting
  • Photographing of cargo
  • AWB delivery
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